Booths, beats and miners' fashion—urban lifestyle made in the Ruhr area #3

The mood maker

The Ruhr area boasts the greatest diversity of people in a small space in all of Germany. They make the region what it is: vibrant, versatile, and always in motion. In our series, we introduce four of them to you.

The crowd follows the rhythm of the hip hop beats and black music sounds droning from the boxes. The party at the Pulp Event-Schloss in Duisburg is in full swing. From his workplace, some two meters above the dance floor, Jörg vom Hofe has his eyes firmly on the party guests. "As the DJ, it's my job to read the people. Even though I can't identify anyone individually from up here, I sense what the mood below is like and always try to respond to it," he comments.

In tune with the times

Throughout the week, the Dinslaken native prepared for his gig at the Pulp, learned about news in the music scene, and familiarized himself with new technical equipment. "As a DJ, you have to continuously develop. Otherwise you're gone," he emphasizes. "I always try to stay in tune with the times and like to try new things." Jörg vom Hofe has been spinning turntables for 25 years. He has been deejaying at the Pulp since the age of 15—every Friday and every other Saturday from 10 pm until 6 am. And he has done this in addition to his full-time job as a media and advertising consultant. "This only works if you love what you do," the DJ stresses, adding: "I don't do this for the money. I do it because it's fun. When the people on the dance floor suddenly throw up their arms in euphoria, that's the best compliment for me."

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