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Sport Shirt - Welterbelauf 2024 Sport Shirt - Welterbelauf 2024
Mile after mile of fun in sport and industrial culture - that's what the Zollverein World Heritage Run offers. Past the internationally famous winding tower, along the cheering spectators and always with a view of the many sights of...
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Sporthose Frauen - Schwarz Sporthose Frauen - Schwarz
Additional, close-fitting inner trousers increase the comfort of sports shorts. These integrated "cycling shorts" make sure that nothing slips. This pair of sports trousers in black simply offers more safety and a feel-good factor for...
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Sport Shirt Kids - Blau Sport Shirt Kids - Blau
Is blue your daughter's, son's or children's favorite color? Have they already developed a soft spot for mining and everything that goes with it? Then this blue sports shirt with a coal look could be a great motivation to...
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Sport Shirt Kids - Rot Sport Shirt Kids - Rot
Sport and exercise are important for children. Some tots have actually inherited a love of mining. For the little miners of tomorrow, a sports shirt with a coal look could be a nice extra motivation, especially if their favourite colour...
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Sport Shirt Kids - Grün Sport Shirt Kids - Grün
With our sports shirt for children in the colour green, we combine two hopes, true to the colour: 1. we would like to arouse even more curiosity for mining, even among the youngest children. 2. we hope that as many children as possible...
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T-Shirt Kleid 4/5/11 T-Shirt Kleid 4/5/11
It is THE design of the Zollverein collection: the geometric shapes that artfully form the pit frame of the famous landmark. What you could already have as a shirt and sweater, you can now wear out into the world as a dress. This T-shirt...
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Hoodie Kleid 1/2/8 Hoodie Kleid 1/2/8
"Where can I get this dress?" was probably the most frequently asked question we heard and read after our fashion show for the Zollverein collection. After evaluating a social media survey on the most popular dresses, we can finally say:...
€99.95 *
Tracktop Kleid 3/7/10 Tracktop Kleid 3/7/10
They were THE topic of conversation at the fashion show for our Zollverein collection. Originally planned as unique pieces, all the requests for the dresses "forced" us to add them to the collection. But not just any old way. We launched...
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Sneaker Haniel Weiß-Mint Sneaker Haniel Weiß-Mint
When the miners used to wash the black gold off their bodies after a shift, they wore the well-known and popular Kauenlatsche. Now you can do the same - with real style, in our HANIEL trainers. They are available in a total of three...
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Sneaker Haniel Schwarz-Vegan Sneaker Haniel Schwarz-Vegan
SNEAKER HANIEL SCHWARZ Trainers are cool and everyone who has a soft spot for shoes loves them. But there is often a catch to our love of trainers: many of these sporty shoes are produced in low-wage countries under more than...
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Sneaker Haniel Weiß-Vegan Sneaker Haniel Weiß-Vegan
We Grubenhelden tell the story of mining and the Ruhr region. To do this, we are always breaking new ground. Now also with an innovative sneaker: the sole of the HANIEL is reminiscent of the miners' Kauenlatschen. At the same time,...
€145.00 *
Handschuhe - Schwarz Handschuhe - Schwarz
Depending on which shaft the miners were positioned in, it got pretty cold underground. Above ground it also gets frosty from time to time - all the better to have a pair of gloves with you to keep your fingers nice and warm. You can now...
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