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T-Shirt "De re metallica"

39,95 €

Tax included


  • Pit cloth in the neck
  • Grubenhelden Logo print" front
  • Hammer & Pick Loop Label on right arm
  • 100% cotton
  • own cut
  • white

We produced our T-Shirt at fair conditions in Portugal.

Machine wash. You will find all further information on the care label in the T-shirt.

Glück auf, Glück auf, der Steiger kommt.
|: Und er hat sein helles Licht bei der Nacht, :|
|: schon angezündt’ :|

The PAWER collection is dedicated to the polymath Georg Pawer (or: Bauer) - also known under his latinized name Georgius Agricola. He achieved fame as a German humanist, scientist, doctor and pharmacist - but above all as the founder of modern geology and mining. His main work, published in 1556, bears the title "De re metallica libri XII". It is the first systematic technological study of mining and metallurgy and remained the definitive work on this subject for two centuries.

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