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T-Shirt white

39,95 €

Tax included


  • GRUBENHELDEN Logo Print mint front
  • Hammer & Pick Loop Label on hem
  • 100% cotton
  • own cut
  • mint / black

We have produced our T-shirt at fair conditions in Portugal.

Machine wash. You will find all further instructions on the care label in the T-shirt.

Glück auf, Glück auf, der Steiger kommt.
|: Und er hat sein helles Licht bei der Nacht, :|
|: schon angezündt’ :|

The polymath Georg Pawer (or: Bauer) - also known under his latinized name Georgius Agricola - was born in Glachau, Saxony, in 1494. The PAWER collection is dedicated to him. He achieved fame as a German humanist, scientist, doctor and pharmacist - but above all as the founder of modern geology and mining science.

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