The Ruhr area boasts the greatest diversity of people in a small space in all of Germany. They make the region what it is: vibrant, versatile, and always in motion. In our series, we introduce four of them to you.
Ingo Anderbrügge for the first time learned the true meaning of home when he lived some 700 kilometers away from where he grew up. The former professional soccer player is a born-and-bred Ruhr native. He played for the Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 clubs, and he knows the contrasts that exist here in the Ruhr area. But he also understood what unites the Ruhr region, despite its incredibly multifaceted diversity, and the enormous hidden potential it has to offer.
Joris has never been underground in a coal mine. He is not a native of the Ruhr area or the Ore Mountains, neither his dad nor granddad were miners. Nonetheless, with his song "Glück auf (Luck of the lode to you)" he has promoted an attitude above ground that is encouraging.
Annika Drazek refers to herself as "a genuine summer girl from the Ruhr area." Formerly a sprinter, however, she now does winter sports— as a bob sled pusher, she won both the World Championship and European Championship titles. In the interview with ÜBER TAGE, the 23-year-old speaks about home and wanderlust, her eventful life as an athlete, and the significance of social media.
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